About us

Vatra SA - a leader in modern geothermal heat pump production since 1998

The company employs a team of engineers  from the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy, Cracow University of Technology and the Polish Academy of Sciences. Employees have extensive experience in the design and production of technologically advanced, and the implementation of new technologies.  Qualifications of our employees and associates are continually improved. We take  part in training courses, cooperate with universities and industry companies, which gives us maintain high standards of work and access to new technologies and materials.


Our associates and business partners ensure consistent quality of our products and the highest class of components.

To ensure the high quality of their services, Vatra company together with partner companies offers comprehensive investment services including:
  • energy audit
  • complete installation project with the selection of a suitable heat pump 
  • realization of installation 
  • installation of financial investments 

For institutional investors, financial engineering services include assistance in the preparation of grant applications for funding to support the development of renewable energy sources, for private investors - help when applying for a low-interest credit.

All investments the  company Vatra realized at the institutional client were covered by funding of a minimum of 40% of the grant.

Selected projects

Sacral buildings:
- John Paul II Center "Be not afraid!" Cracow-Lagiewniki
- church in Lasie,  Municipality of Slemien,
- Center for Dialogue and Prayer in Auschwitz,
- church in Wola Radziszowska,
- vicarage in Slemien

Sport and recreation facilities:

 Hotel, gastronomic, brewing buildings:
Guest house in  Warka

 Public buildings:
- Educational Centre in Zywiec
- Social Welfare Centre in Bialka Tatrzanska
-  Primary School in Jordanow,
-  Primary School in Ligota Polska,
- PEC Tychy,
-  Primary School in Mstow,
- PEC Jaworzno,
- Academy of Agriculture in Cracow

 Residential housing:
Manor house in Karniowice,
-  multi-family house in Czechowice,
-  multi-family house in Lasie, Municipality of Slemien,
-  multi-family house in Brzoskwinia,
-  multi-family house in Mikołow,
-  multi-family house in Rzaska,
-  multi-family house in Ireland


The quality of our products and services has been confirmed by ISO 9001:2001 and AQAP 2110:2006 - confirming compliance with NATO requirements relating to quality management.
Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2001 | Quality Certificate AQAP 2110:2006 

VATRA Heat Pumps  produced by WSK Krakow Ltd., the winner of the GreenEvo organized by the Polish Ministry of the Environment.