Heat from the inside of Earth

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Good climate all year round

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The VATRA Heat Pump


An environment-friendly heating/air-conditioning device for detached houses, apartments blocks, schools, religious buildings, industrial halls.
Vatra Heat Pumps obtain up to 80% of the energy needed for powering the heating installations they serve from the centre of the earth.
Consequently, heating and air-conditioning devices powered by VATRA heat pumps are significantly cheaper than installations powered by other sources of energy (natural gas, LPG, fuel oil).

Low costs

A VATRA heat pump means the lowest cost of heating, warming water, as well as cooling and air-conditioning interiors.


No pollution whatsoever in the area of operation. No need for storing fuel and waste.


No need to hire a maintenance worker.

Advanced automation

Automatic temperature selection, different temperatures in different rooms, controlling the system in conjunction with the fireplace, solar collectors, swimming pool, etc.; control via internet and mobile phone.


There is a possibility to obtain, through Vatra S.A., subsidies for legal entities from environmental protection funds and Regional Operational Programmes, as well as preferential loans from funds that support innovative green technology - Prosument (Prosumer) – subsidizing RES micro-installations - for individuals.